Lake Ariel PA Stray

Posted by Nicole Asher on

We are not sure how long she’s been on the run or if she was abandoned, but this frightened girl has been safely captured after being sighted for weeks on the run in Lake Ariel, Pa.  

A concerned resident and animal lover, Dana Scott, reached out to me when she noticed her on her ring cameras for several nights coming up to her porch for food. 

A plan was set in place for capture but with the Fourth of July, she disappeared for several days. After speaking with other residents, we learned that she was visiting other properties as well. Thankfully she was still in the area. 

She was spending most of the days hunkered down in the shade on a property that backed up to the power lines. The property owner gave me permission to set up for capture. 

She would follow me around the property and would sit with me, just out of my reach. With the slightest movement she would dart away but always come back. She yearned for love but was just too scared to fully trust. I spent fours days trying to earn her trust to no avail. She was being eaten alive by horse flies and had a limp. She evaded capture with regular traps. She was just too smart for her own good. 

An enclosure was set up and after conditioning her for several days to go in, I finally had her comfortably going in all the way to the back. She even began guarding her enclosure from any critter that would dare go near it. It was her big food box and she claimed it as her own, she would even howl at me when I went in to rebait it. 

Last night as it got dark, she came out like clockwork and began her nightly routine. I watched her as she ran around the street, bouncing from yard to yard. 

She was hungry and ready to go eat but not before scanning the area to make sure the coast was clear and no one was watching her. When she felt it was safe, she made her way over and went in and was safely captured. 

We may never know where she came from or for how long she was on the run but she is now safe and will have a chance to live the life she deserves. 

We brought her to A.W.S.O.M. today. She is not chipped and still very frightened but we trust she is now in good hands. It is never easy to hand over the reigns for a dog you pour your heart and soul into rescuing. There are always tears but they are tears of happiness… 

Be good sweet girl, your life is only going to get better from here! 

Thank you Dana for being her voice and reaching out to me to get her help, without you she’d still be out there.  Thank you Kelly for letting me take over your property for the past four days. Our girl is safe now!!!


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