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Belle missing from Montague, NJ has been safely captured in Branchville, after a three week adventure, spanning approximately twelve miles.

She was known to venture off but always came back after a short time. This time she never came back.

For weeks there were zero sightings but there were also zero posters or flyers hung. The owner had feared the worst and gave up all hope.

I explained that Hounds are notorious for traveling far distances and after a bit of tough love and stressing the importance of posters and expanding the coverage area. Posters finally went up and within a day we got our first sighting, about eight miles from the point of escape. The sighting was from three days prior but that was ok with me, we finally had something to go with and knew she was ok. From there we expanded out another five miles. 

Two more sightings came in, four miles from the last. They were within a concentrated area and within a short time frame. I raced out and set up a few feeding stations and that night she hit one of them. She was very hungry and returned multiple times throughout the night. 

A trap was set yesterday and by 1 am this morning, I was greeting Belle in the pouring rain!!!! 

Hanging posters takes effort but they work! Posters are one of the most important tools to generate sightings that lead to so many happy reunions.

Thank you Sean for allowing me access to you properties. 

Welcome HOME Belle!!


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