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A week ago, Tally was frightened by fireworks and pulled the leash out of his owners hands. 

As a new rescue, he was just adjusting to life in a home enviornment. He was a former stray that was found in the woods down south. Fending for himself was something he was used to. 

He was staying in the vast woods and along the trails and  power lines that backed to the apt complex. He would venture out at night chasing rabbits and scavenging dumpsters looking for food along with his raccoon friends.

Tally’s mom and dad, Emily and Zac did their best to try to capture him but the wildlife were making it near impossible. The frustration and defeat in Emily’s voice was heartbreaking, I knew that feeling all too well. It can be frustrating enough for the most seasoned trapper but for someone who’s never done it before it is beyond overwhelming. Those trash pandas, although cute, can be relentless!

Yesterday I headed up, I assessed the area and went over the sightings and decided to set up for capture in a different location. I set up my remote control enclosure so that if the wildlife came, I would have control over when that door slammed shut.

I always say 2 am is my bewitching hour for trapping and Tally did not disappoint. At 1:49 Tally emerged from the woods, still dragging his leash and went straight over to the enclosure. Watching live on my camera I waited for him to be all the way to the back and then hit that button… ending his week long adventure and Emily and Zac’s nightmare.

He was less than thrilled to be outsmarted and made sure to let us know it. It took him awhile to come out of survival mode but once we got him secured in his crate he settled right down. 

Welcome Home Tally!!



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