Joyce, a puppy mill survivor, has been captured after a week on the run in Mahwah, NJ.

Like so many other new rescues, Joyce arrived at her new foster families home and after only two short hours, was able to slip out of a harness that was too big for her and off she went. 

Everyone chased this poor little girl for a week which kept her in constant flight mode. She was running very busy dangerous roads and nearly escaped being hit multiple times. At one point, I watched as she had entered a wooded area only to have a coyote follow in moments later. 

Torrential rain storms for days did not stop this girl, she was constantly on the move. 

At 4 am yesterday morning she found one of the feeding stations and a trap was immediately set. By 10:23 PM, I was walking into the woods to greet this little one after a long rainy week on the run. 

She settled right down as soon as I arrived, she could barely keep her eyes open as I sat with her, she was exhausted.

Welcome HOME Joyce, you’re safe now sweetheart!!!