Sunshine, an indoor only cat, ran through his owners legs and out the door. In a panic his dad pursued him which only caused him to run further down the road and into the woods. 

Thankfully, I was able to begin working with the family almost immediately as they happen to live right around the corner from me

A trap was set on the deck but he was a no show the first night. The next night he made an appearance, scooting by the camera and the trap. He was making his way around the property for several hours. 

I had them crack the door open and the window that his kitty buddy, Shadow stayed perched on. A bear showed and the door had to be closed but once Boo Boo left, game on again.

Sunshine showed made another appearance and was now sitting outside the window meowing to Shadow. They quietly opened the front door and Sunshine reluctantly made his way in. 

At 1:14 am I got the got the call… “He is home!!!!  In the house!!!!”

Welcome HOME Sunshine!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program with lost DOGS!!