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Cleo was frightened by the storm Friday night while at a pet sitter in Clinton Township, NJ. Her family who was away on vacation frantically called Kelly Langan, their regular dog walker, who immediately contacted me.

A plan was put in place and cameras and a feeding station were immediately set up at the property, even though she had already been spotted almost a mile down the road. Dogs will usually return to the point of escape when all is quiet and they are not being pursued.

Yesterday morning she was spotted on the road as if headed back but got spooked again by a car and darted off into the woods.

We went door to door and spoke to as many people as possible and explained, if they sighted her to please to do not call out to her, or chase.

Sure enough, early this morning, when all was quiet, Cleo made her way back, found the feeding station and went right to back deck like nothing had happened.

Welcome back Cleo!!

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