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Nine days of heartache ended with tears of joy!!! 

West ran off nine days ago in densely wooded terrain in Belvidere, NJ, to make matters worse, he was dragging a leash.

Posters were hung, feeding stations with cameras were set and the woods were combed as best as possible by family and friends but he never showed and continued to elude all attempts to find him. 

Even with a leash attached, we remained hopeful that he would either chew it off or make his way through the woods without getting stuck.

This morning our hopes were realized when he was spotted walking down a road not far from home, with his leash still attached. The people immediately called Sandra (West's mom) and waited at the spot where he retreated back into the woods until she got there. West popped back out of the woods further up the road. A man stopped and offered him sausage to no avail.

I had coached Sandra to sit down on the ground and allow him to approach her. West slowly walked over and when he realized..."IT'S MY MOM".... he started jumped all over her kissing her. 

Thank you to the caring people who called in the sighting and waited for Sandra to arrive.

West is finally home sacked out on the couch in his regular spot and receiving lots of love from his family who were relentless and determined to bring their boy home.

Never give up hope!!!



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