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January 27th, Chelsea escaped transport at the Galleria parking lot in Middletown, NY. The last confirmed sighting of her was on interstate 84 in Middletown.

Fast forward to March 1st, calls started coming in to the Newburgh animal control about a stray brown dog running on and around the area of route 9w. The dog was always on the move and very frightened. I was eventually contacted and headed out on Monday. Once I arrived in Newburgh, I located her and saw her from a distance walking along a wood line by the quarry and then she quickly disappeared in to the woods. My heart was racing because all I could think of was…is this Chelsea?! I immediately contacted Steve and Dany of Grateful Doggies Rescue Retreat, I told them I thought there was a very good possibility that we had finally located the elusive Chelsea.

Speaking with area residents and business owners, I located an area where she had been sleeping up on a steep embankment behind a business for at least three days, until a well meaning resident tried to approach her and just like that, she was gone… yet again. Two days of no sightings went by, finally another call came in, the call we needed. The stray brown dog was over a mile away from the last known area, she was now on the other side of dangerous 9w. This time she had found herself a boyfriend, a big hunk of a Rottweiler named King. After interviewing residents we found out she had been hanging outside with him for a few days, sunbathing and sharing food with her new man, but would bolt anytime a person was around. I was finally able to get a very good visual of her and to see without a doubt…this was Chelsea!! A trap was set in the morning and by nightfall Chelsea's 43 day 25 mile odyssey came to an end. She is safe and sound and back with Grateful Doggies Rescue Retreat where she will be getting lots of TLC from Steve, Dany and their furry pack.

Chelsea's story is a perfect example of why you should never give up, they are out there and they are survivors!!!!


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