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***BREAKING NEWS*** Annabelle missing from Mount Kisco, NY since February 6th has been safely captured in Hopewell Junction, NY after FIFTY SIX days and traveling THIRTY TWO miles via the Appalachian trail and the Taconic Parkway.

Annabelle's story is one of survival, resilience and perseverance.

Weeks ago I was contacted about a black dog being sighted on the Taconic State Parkway. The dog was running from East Fishkill to Kent, NY and being spotted coming in and out of the Appalachian Trail. Two dedicated DCO officers, Mary and Jill were trying to capture the elusive dog to no avail. One person who sighted the dog off the Taconic, stated that the dog was possibly wearing a red or pink collar with a loop on it (Annabelle was wearing a red martingale collar when she went missing). Following up on every possible lead and sighting of black dogs with the hopes of locating Annabelle, I sent photos of Annabelle asking if this was the dog being sighted and at first I was told no. Taking in to account, when she was being sighted it was usually very dark and the dog was very fast making it difficult for anyone to see the markings on her. I asked Jill and Mary if they would allow me to take over and attempt capture regardless if it was Annabelle or another dog needing help. If it was Annabelle her capture was not going to be easy and needed to be handled very cautiously.

Going over the different sightings, on March 21st, I set up a camera and feeding station in a wooded area up a dirt road, directly off the Taconic off ramp and across the street from the Appalachian Trail. Sure enough, the dog showed up on camera that night and I was able to see her markings clearly. I sent a side by side photo of Annabelle and the dog on camera to her devoted foster and told her I was 90% sure that we had finally located Annabelle, she confirmed that it was infact her!!

Annabelle was a completely feral dog from down south who had been previously been trapped, shot at and failed by humans repeatedly. Due to her past and learning more and more about her history, her capture was going to be a challenge to say the least. Two separate types enclosures, time, patience and baby steps of conditioning her to enter on her terms were what finally led to the moment of capture. Annabelle is now safe and sound and back with her loving foster.

As I have always said and am seeing more and more, dogs can travel great distances. Follow up on every lead, even if you think it's not possible, follow through and NEVER GIVE UP!! Welcome back Annabelle.


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