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Calvin missing from the Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill has been found and is home safe after eight days!!

Calvin initially returned to the parking lot the first day and was staying within a half mile radius of the trail head and the point of escape and then sightings went cold.

Once I began working with Kathy and Jeff, I explained the importance of calling off the search parties and explained how foot searches and calling out to a skittish dog can push the dog out of an area.

The searches stopped, feeding stations were set and today we received sightings two miles away from the point of escape. A close family member, Claudia, who took care of Calvin during the week went to the sighting. Calvin saw Claudia, paused and continue to run in to the woods.

I instructed Claudia to go get Calvin's bonded brother, Hoda, keeping him on a long lead and to go sit quietly and calmly at the location and let Hoda do the work of luring his brother in. It worked!!

They sat quietly and calmly for approximately an hour and a half. Hoda started whining and barking, Calvin heard him and once Calvin realized it was his brother he came out of the woods and ran over and in to Claudias lap.

I am so proud of this family for being so open to understanding survival mode and working together so beautifully to bring their boy home. Great job Claudia and Hoda and welcome home Calvin!!


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