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Brownie escaped his fenced in yard on February 14th in Upper Saddle River, NJ Shiba Inu’s are known escape artists and the slightest opening they will find a way to get through.  

Miraculously, Brownie crossed deadly route 17, at the one spot where there was no median barrier. He made his way into Ramsey to an industrial complex that backed up to a wooded area and a neighborhood where he would make his home for the next two weeks. 

Ring camera sightings started coming in, he was often mistaken for a fox and regularly seen traveling with one whom he befriended. 

After speaking with many of the residents of this neighborhood we were able to figure out his multiple cut throughs. Several feeding stations with cameras were set and it was just a matter of time until he hit one. Once we had him locked in on one feeding area the others were removed and a trap was set. 

The first night the trap was set, he was a no show. It was a waiting game and finally the next night in the rain, he made a brief appearance, checked out the trap and off he went back into the woods. Between the torrential rain and critters, the decision was made to tie it open to allow Brownie to get more comfortable. At 1am, he came back  and eventually entered the trap. 

Tonight I had a hunch he’d make an early appearance. The trap was freshly baited with a smorgasbord of yummy food. As darkness was just setting in, Brownie showed checked out what was on the menu for dinner and went right in. A slight hop when the door shut but his hungry belly was priority and he didn’t even turn around to realize his days on the run were over. 

Fifteen days on the run, Brownie is safely home and reunited with his loving family. 

Thank you to all the incredible residents of Sherwood and Nottingham who allowed feeding stations and called in sightings. Thank you to my friend Kristen for always being there to help when needed rain or shine. Huge thanks to the Goldman family who allowed us access to their property at all hours. Brownies family and myself have the deepest gratitude to such an incredible community who were so willing to help in bringing this boy to safety. 

Welcome HOME Brownie! 


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