Blizzard The Route 80 Goat

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Breaking News...

The goat roaming route 80 in Allamuchy, NJ for months has been safely captured by BDRR tonight!!!

This rescue was a true miracle. Time was not on our side as the snowstorm was moving in. This goat was living in the woods above dangerous route 80. She would climb up and down the treacherously steep, rock cliffs and graze behind the guardrail as trucks and cars blew by her, within a couple feet. It was heart stopping to see her in such a dangerous area. 

We hiked in and up the mountain to see if there was a safer way to get closer to lure her. It was such a treacherous hike and would be near impossible to get a trap in that way. She would bolt as soon as anyone would approach. We just couldn’t risk scaring her further into harms way. This rescue had to be handled very carefully.

My friend Melissa Matta Giordano and I even tried hiking in her little goat “Tiny” to see if we could use him as a magnet to attract her, but she was nowhere to be seen that day. 

The only way to get a trap to the area was to pull over on route 80 which was extremely scary and dangerous. Thankfully, I was in contact with the NJ State Police Hope barracks who were there and ready to assist whenever I needed them. They would follow me to the area and park behind me with their lights on to make sure I was safe getting in and out of my truck while I set up traps and enclosures. They were truly my guardian angels.

Several nights were spent sleeping at the nearby truck stop while traps were set but she just wouldn’t go in. Panic was setting in as the weather report was just getting worse and worse. Two feet of snow was on the way and the thought of her being out in that was just unimaginable and heartbreaking. 

Today she finally started to show interest in the enclosure. I had only a few hours left before I had to break down the enclosure and go home for my own safety.  She would show then quickly disappear. It was getting dark and the snow began to fall and my heart was in my throat. Please go in!!!!! Dan was on his way to help me break it down. Within moments to spare she finally went in and the door slammed shut behind her. It was like she knew or some kind of divine intervention took over. I called Dan through tears of joy “I got her, she’s in, she’s in!!!” I raced over and she was so scared and ramming the cage when she saw me. I went in and got a slip lead over her and calmed her down. My amazing friend Melissa trekked out in the snow to come meet us and help get her out of the enclosure. We have fittingly named her, Blizzard. 

Blizzard went home tonight with Melissa and will go to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary after the storm where she will be vetted and cared for. We were told that she was out there for months, we aren’t sure where she came from but we know that a life filled with love is ahead of her.  

Thank you Renee for reaching out to get help for this baby. Great thanks to the NJ State Police Hope Barracks and dispatch. To my dear friend Melissa and Tiny the bad ass little goat, I can’t thank you enough. It takes a village to get these lost souls to safety. We will all sleep well tonight knowing she is finally safe and warm. 

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