Blizzard Update - The Three Wise Goats

Just when I thought Blizzards story couldn't have a happier ending...shortly after posting Blizzards rescue, I was contacted by Leanne fromGoatsofAnarchy who filled me in on Blizzards amazing journey.  

Back in October three goats had escaped off a trailer at a local livestock auction house. Two of the goats were captured by animal control, but Blizzard evaded capture. She travelled about eight miles to where fate would intervene and our paths would meet.

These weren't just any three goats, they were a FAMILY who were destined to remain together. GOA, has the two other goats, Blizzards mother Ruthie and her brother Lewis. I am now calling them The Three Wise Goats because this is truly a Christmas miracle. Blizzard will be going HOME to be reunited with her family.

We are so excited to see the reunion and Leanne will be keeping me updated. Thank you to all involved in each and every step of the way through this babies epic journey.