"Black beauty" Newtown, CT's lost "momma dog".

Posted by Nicole Asher on

After being on the run and possibly dumped, this sweet coon hound named "Mamma dog" by the residents of Newtown, was safely was lured into a fenced in yard and after quite some time I was able to grab her and get the slip lead around her neck. Thank you to Kathy Camputaro and Rebecca & Scott Dewire and the wonderful folks of Newtown who fed her, keeping her in the area, you were her guardian angels. 

"Thank you all so much. I am overcome with joy that she is safe and warm tonight. We could not have accomplished this without the amazing efforts of Nicole from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery, who spent the entire day here in the cold watching for her. Nicole, you are my hero and an amazing guardian angel for animals. THANK YOU! Rebecca and Scott who helped feed her and gain her trust. Monica, from the Animal Center, for all your help. "Black Beauty" she is! After several coaxing attempts, she followed me into my yard and I was able to shut the gate. Nicole and I sat on the ground until she was comfortable enough to come to us and slipped the leash on her. She became very relaxed as we petted her & rubbed her ears. We removed as many ticks as we could and checked her for injuries. Her paw pads are a little raw from roaming and some minor cuts. She ate a bowl of chow. She eventually laid down on a soft cushion we put down next to her. Nicole took off her nice, warm coat and rapped it around her. She had such a look of relief. She knew we were helping her. Cindy from Animal control came. Nicole carried her to Cindy's truck. She looked very calm as she got in the heated vehicle. She will remain at the shelter for 7 days in quarantine. My neighbors and I plan to visit her there! She will finally get the loving home she deserves. Thank you again to all of you! Kathy xoxo"

*Pictured with"Momma" is Kathy who was one of her guardian angels.

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