Brooklyn "Brooke"

November 11, 2014 at 2AM on the dot, little Miss Brooke, a newly adopted southern rescue appeared at my trap. Earlier that day she had been chased out of the neighborhood and the owner feared that she had moved on. While setting up the trap we heard the neighbors dog barking and heard some faint rustling in the bushes, was it the raccoon that kept showing up at the trap? The owner Rich & I waited and watched quietly from a darkened dining room window. After a few hours, a black streak flew down the neighbors driveway right behind my trap. The owner grabbed my arm and exclaimed "OMG she's back, she's back!" We watched for 40 minutes as Brooke walked around the trap, leave, comeback, "is she in, nope not yet". The camera sent two final photos one of her entering and then one with the door shut. GOTCHA!

All rescues should make sure that their dogs are fitted with martingale collars or at the very least inform new owners of their importance...too many new rescues slip their collars. Brooke will now not only be wearing a martingale collar but also a harness. Rescues, let's keep these pups secure and safe!