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Another microchip miracle!

Five months ago, Teddy disappeared. His owner feared that he was taken by a predator or hit by a car, which happens all too often with indoor/outdoor cats. 

A couple weeks ago, I was working on a lost dog in a remote area of NY. I had cameras and feeding stations set up by an old dilapidated shed in the woods. There were no houses for miles.

Thankfully, dog was happily reunited and when I went back to remove my cameras, I spotted this little cat, who was peeking out of the tall grasses and quickly took off when we made eye contact. 

Cats are always showing up at my feeding stations and traps but this time, my gut instinct told me that this little one needed help. 

I dumped a bag of food with the hopes that the cat would come back. For the next two days, he was on camera nonstop. I drove two hours back set a trap and brought him to safety later that afternoon.

He was frightened but very sweet and allowed me to scan him for a chip. I was never expecting to hear that beep but sure enough Teddy was chipped!!!

I made the call to his owner, Evelyn, who couldn't believe that I had her cat. He was over four miles from home!

Teddy is officially now an indoor only cat.

Welcome Home Teddy!!


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