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I had previously trapped Trucks in Salt Point, NY a month and a half ago, he was very trap savvy the first time around. 

Due to an accident, he was able to door dash in a split second and escape. This wasn’t going to be easy to secure him again.

The property is right on the Salt Point Turnpike surrounded by farm fields in all directions. Like last time, he was repeatedly crossing the turnpike where cars would fly by, it was extremely dangerous and his luck would eventually run out. 

He would return to his property, circle the enclosure or lay nearby on a pile of blankets we put out to keep warm but he would never progress in. He wouldn’t go in anything that could potentially enclose him… he was VERY smart!

I had to think outside box to get him to safety. Time was of the essence with freezing rain, snow and plummeting temperatures on the way. Not to mention the pack of coyote that were making their presence known very close by.

He knew where home was but always stayed at a distance. At night he would come back and curl up on his bedding and sleep for a bit then he’d be up all night chasing away critters that would step foot on his property. We had a small window of time to work with.

The plan was to wait for him to sleep and as silently as possible sneak up on him and I would net him. It was a Hail Mary but we had to try. We waited for a car to pass with each step we would take, so it would mask any slight sound of our movement. Sometimes it felt like an eternity waiting for a car to pass. We were finally only a few feet behind him and held completely still, we heard the car approaching and we were ready….

I was finally close enough and threw the net over him and held on tight as he tried to bolt out of it. As soon as he was tangled in the net, Trucks mom dropped down and securely held him tight so I could get him leashed up. It worked… we got him!!!!

We clipped two leashes on him before attempting to get him out of the netting and walked him inside to safety and warmth. Eleven days of running were finally over. 

Welcome HOME Trucks!!


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