Maverick in Wantage, NJ is safe after four days on the run!!

When I began working with Kristen, I told her that I felt this would be a luring situation as opposed to trapping. The game plan was when a sighting would come in Kristen and Mavericks yorkie fur sibling, Moana, would go to the area and calmly try to lure him. 

This morning a sighting came in, Maverick was laying in a field and as soon as he saw someone watching him, he retreated to the woods. 

I stayed parked along the side of the field and Kristen and Moana walked the wood line. I watched as Maverick came out of the woods from behind her, sniffing where she had walked. He initially ran from her. I pointed to the direction up the ridge where he took off too. Kristen calmly walked over, sat down with Moana and he popped out as Kristen asked him if he wanted to eat. It was that moment when he came out of survival mode and realized that was his mom.  He walked up to her and right into her arms. 

Kristen, you and your entire family were so dedicated to getting your boy home!!!

Welcome HOME Maverick!!!!