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Five pound Petunia wiggled out of her harness and escaped her fathers arms when she was being picked up at the groomers. 

She darted across very dangerous route 57 in Hackettstown, NJ. Miraculously made it back up to her own neighborhood within a couple hours. Later that evening, she was spotted directly across from her home but was chased and ran off. 

For two days there were no sightings. Yesterday we spent hanging large visible posters. Now that posters were up, we were hoping for that call and sure enough that call came in!!!

A gentleman named, Will was weed whacking in his yard and noticed Petunia hiding in the neighbors tall grass along a fence line. He had gone for a walk this morning and saw one of the many posters and knew to call right away. 

The plan was to get her sister, Lily to the yard on a leash and have Kevin, Petunias dad, sit down and lure her to Lily.

Lily started to bark which was good because she would recognize her sisters bark. Petunia started to emerge from the tall grass and just stood there looking right at her sister. I told Kevin to start baby talking her and she slowly began to approach and then started hopping around playing with her sister, all the while keeping an arms length from her dad’s reach. She retreated to her hiding spot in the tall grass and I told Kevin it was ok, stay put, she’s gonna come back out. She came back out playing again and I heard that yip and knew at that moment, Kevin was able to grab her.. a three day nightmare was finally over and she was safe in her fathers arms!!!

Posters, a sisters bond and the love and patience of her dedicated father… Petunia is HOME!!!!


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