Stony Point, NY Stray aka JETT

Posted by Nicole Asher on

There are many unsung heroes in the rescue of these lost and abandoned souls. 

This rescue began when a kind woman named Audrey saw a post on social media about a dog running in Stony Point, NY, for at least three weeks. She stepped up to the plate and sought help for this frightened pup. She walked into the new shelter Four Legs Good NY NJ, who then reached out to me. 

The area she was running was a stones throw from the Palisades Parkway, we needed to bring her to safety and fast. She had found a home that was feeding cats and was intermittently returning. We asked others in the area to stop leaving food for her so that only one location would be her go to spot. 

Between the cats and the neighbors Halloween display of vocal ghosts and goblins, it was a bit of challenge but once she finally showed, she walked right in the trap to safety. 

She is not microchipped and sadly we believe this is another disgusting dumping of an innocent animal, that is happening more and more. This girl is one of the lucky ones.

Thank you to the wonderful family who allowed us to set up on their property. Audrey who stepped up to advocate for this girl. Thanks to a great team effort she is now safe and sound and receiving lots of TLC at Four Legs Good. 

Another reminder if you see something, say something. Be their voice.





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