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I received a call this morning from my friend Melanie, the Wallkill, NY animal control officer.  

A frightened, tan pitbull was running the Goshen Turnpike almost getting hit multiple times. He was being seen on surveillance cameras at night on properties that bordered the turnpike.  

I hung up with Mel and immediately headed up. I set up a trap on the property he frequented last night and early this morning. We took a drive around and I decided to pull into an abandoned property. As Mel and I walked up, this big head popped out of an old barn on the property that he was taking shelter in. We immediately sat on the ground and started calmly talking to him. He eventually came up to us and we were able to get the slip lead around his neck. He was scared but relieved and very hungry. This big boy was thrilled we came armed with hot dogs and chicken. 

Thankfully due to his microchip we were able to reunite him with his family after two days on the run. His name is Stagger and he’s such a sweet blockhead!! Always great working with you Melanie. 

Welcome home Stagger, thanks for the slobbery kisses!!

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