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Safely Captured after THREE YEARS.

Abandoned, invisible and discarded like trash. Not anymore...I see you beautiful girl and you now have an army of angels behind you.

Three years ago in 2017, a heartbroken family was moving and could not take their beloved chow with them. She was placed with a family member of one of their "friends". Right after being re-homed the former owners were told she ran off but they got her back. The former owner would contact them numerous times asking for updates and were told she was doing great.... these were lies. She was never found, she was not ok and she was far from great.

Fast forward three years...

NJ transit workers spotted her, I was contacted and she was captured and brought to rescue. She had to be put under and shaved down to her skin due to the severe painful matting that covered her entire body. Once they shaved her, she was finally able to be scanned for a microchip and sure enough she was chipped!!!!

Her name is Spice, she is eight years old and her story is a cautionary wake up call to people who re-home their pets.

I made the call not sure of what I would find out or if I would ever hear back. Later that night a woman called me back, she was sobbing. She couldn't believe this was her dog until I sent her a picture. For three years she missed her dog but believed she was in a loving home. Not knowing that for THREE YEARS Spice was on the run, fending for herself in an extremely dangerous environment, discarded like trash.

For hours the former owner cried with me and shared stories and photos of Spice who loved her children and favorite treat was fritos and hated dog bones. Although, she is not in a position to take her back, I assured her that Spice is now safe and will be in the best care possible.

Please if you have to re-home your pets, do so with a responsible rescue or no kill shelter. Do your research and NEVER give your pets away on facebook or Craigslist. Do a home check, meet with the potential adopter, ask for vet references.

Spice is recovering physically and emotionally from the trauma she has endured over the past three years. She is now with Rescue Right where she is taking baby steps towards learning to trust again. She has a name, she has a soul and she has survived the odds.




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