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On January 2nd, Snow got loose from her leash, ran on to route 15 in Jefferson, NJ and was hit by a car. 

After two weeks we found that she was hunkering down in the center median and traveling the treacherous embankments and rock cliffs. She would hide in the rocks and the brush and watch as the heavy traffic blew by. 

She was injured with a possible broken leg but still able to run if anyone pulled over or attempted to approach. It was heart stopping to see her there and such a helpless feeling. One false move and she could run right into traffic again and we would lose her.

Cameras and feeding stations were set and it was now a waiting game. As darkness fell, she found the food and shortly after, a trap was hiked up the rock cliffs. For hours she’d hobble around and go part way in, back out, then disappear for hours. At 4:34 this morning, my camera went off, she was back and finally went all the way in to safety. 

Snow has been reunited with her family is now at the emergency vet. Please send her lots of love, good thoughts and healing energy.




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