Houdini / Old Bridge NJ Stray

Posted by Nicole Asher on

We are thrilled to report that after week on the run, the Old Bridge stray has been safely captured.

She was traveling a five mile loop and crossing many dangerous roads, including route 18 in Middlesex County. 

Two residents, Kerri Richardson and Anna Irizarry were so dedicated to bringing her to safety and spent endless hours and many sleepless nights keeping track of her whereabouts and setting feeding stations. 

Yesterday I arrived to set up a trap at one of our established feeding stations, but this girl had other plans. At 4:30 am this morning, I spotted her in an entirely different location and the trap was moved multiple times. 

Finally we discovered a yard that she had hunkered down in and we were able to sneak the trap into the yard. 

After a long ten hour nap and a battle  royale with a black cat who wanted the chicken in the trap, our sleeping beauty finally awoke with a hungry belly and made her way into the trap, ending the week long adventure. 

She is currently being held on a stray hold and we will be checking in on her tomorrow. 

Thank you to the entire community for your support and reporting sightings. She is now safe, warm and in loving care.



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