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Overwhelming tears of joy… Sadie missing from a horrific accident on route 80 in NJ is safe and reunited with her mom!!! 

We worked around the clock to bring this sweet little girl to safety. This morning I received a call from Melody MacDowell that Sadie had wandered into her yard off Waterloo Rd and was safe! 

This was such a huge community effort and an incredible outpouring of love and kindness from strangers near and far who rallied for a little dog and her family.

Thank you to all who called in to report sightings, people who called to offer support. Kellea Langan, who stayed with me all hours of the day and night setting up traps and cameras off route 80. Denise, one of the admins of a lost dog page who kept in constant communication with me to report posted sightings. You all are amazing and I am so proud of our community!!

Please send healing energy to Sadies mom, Stephanie and her dad who is still in the hospital. 

Welcome HOME Sadie… you are loved by so many!!!!


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