Riverdale Bronx Stray / Pot Pie

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Seven days ago this beautiful husky was spotted running in the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

An amazing village of concerned animal lovers were desperately trying to bring her to safety all week. Many were leaving food out and trying to earn her trust, but she was just too fearful. 

I was contacted two days ago and we immediately put a plan in place. So many people were leaving food for her and we needed it limited to one location. 

Once we had her settled and returning to our feeding station, we were ready for capture. Trap was set this morning when the rain let up and within two hours we watched as she ran down the road, making a beeline for her lunch. 

All week long, residents were spoiling her with a smorgasbord of yummy food…Melissa’s chicken pot pie being her favorite. Therefore, It is only fitting that we have named her Pot Pie 

She does not have a microchip and is now on her way to Adopt-A-Dog in Armonk, NY, where she will be held for her stray hold.

Thanks to Stacey Labiosa for reaching out to me and to Linda Pfaffle for allowing us to use her property for feeding station and capture. Melissa Cusick Weiss for the endless supply of chicken pot pies. This certainly took a village and this was one amazing group of women who pulled together to help bring this girl to safety.


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