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Pippa missing from High Falls, NY since September 6th has been found and reunited with her family.

Pippa had gotten out of her fenced in yard. Her owner, Polly was relentless in her search to find her. Polly followed up on every possible lead or sighting, setting up traps, cameras and feeding stations. Even though these sightings may have led her to other loose shepherds or a hungry coyote eating road kill, she left no stone unturned... Polly never gave up!!!

Last night she received a call from someone who had just seen one of her updated posts on social media, this person recognized the dog in the post and knew where Pippa was and who had her the entire time.

Turns out, Pippa was picked up shortly after getting out, right in front of her home. This person picked her up and kept her, never notifying the authorities or having her scanned for a microchip and yes, she was chipped. This person stole her.

We are thrilled to report that the sheriff was able to pick Pippa up and reunite her with her family today.

Finders Keepers is against the law!! If you find a dog, you need to report it to the proper authorities, no ifs ands or buts!

Polly I am so damn proud of you for your dogged pursuit to find your girl! To the eagle eye on social media, you are a HERO!!! Jill, Kevin, the sheriff and all who helped hang posters, offered support, shared posts, allowed Polly on your property, you are all a part of this happy ending.


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