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Rescues are always a roller coaster ride and some have very unexpected endings… 

Olive had just been placed with a new foster and within thirty minutes she escaped the fenced in yard. Already a very shut down, scared little girl, she was now in unfamiliar territory with a nor’easter on the way. 

The rescue contacted me and I immediately headed to Fair Lawn, NJ with a trap. I knew that she would return to the point escape as so many new rescues do, even having only been there for such a short period of time. 

Within hours the rain and snow began to come down so heavy at times blinding the cameras. As anticipated Olive showed up, but she was just not interested in the trap or the food and off she went.

She was making a continuous loop along very dangerous roads including the exit ramp and wood line of route 208 and repeatedly crossing Fair Lawn Ave. Each day her loop got a little bigger. For three nights she would return to an area but as quickly as she would appear she would disappear. The heavy winds were terrifying to her and keeping her in constant motion. The wind gusts were knocking over garbage cans all throughout the neighborhood giving her easy access to food. 

With Olive being so uneasy with the traps, we attempted to use a fenced in yard to trap her. We sealed off any of the compromised areas and positioned cameras to know when she was far enough in so that I could jump out of my car and get the gate closed without her beating me to escape. 

At 3 am I watched as she slinked around the property and slowly but surely made her way in. I dove out of my car and ran and got that gate shut but within seconds, instead of darting away from me, she came at me and literally flew through the air over me and over the gate. Picture a 30 pound dog flying at you 6 feet airborne…think The Matrix with fur!! Thankfully the camera stopped right as a whole bunch of expletives flew out of my mouth!!!

Today Olive decided that after four days on the run and several nights of sleeping in our freezing cold cars, she’d cut us a break. She showed up at a school and began to follow people who were walking their dogs. Distracted by the dogs, they were able to grab her collar and call us.

When we arrived to pick her up she was surrounded by a loving circle of about ten little girls, she was in her glory!

Thank you to the good samaritan who was able to think fast and grab her collar, the little girls that surrounded her with lots of love and kept her safe until we got there. My dear friend Kristen for dropping everything to head over there once I called you. Muddy Paws Rescue NYC who stood by their girl and were out there in full force day and night, right along side me to bring Olive to safety, you guys are the real deal! 

I can’t stress enough that even with a fenced in yard, new rescues/ fosters should NEVER be off leash or unattended, they can and will find a way to escape. 

Welcome back Olive… we will all sleep well tonight!!



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