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Three  words… NEVER GIVE UP!

Nena, was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, but when her rescuer passed away a year ago, she was brought to the states by a family member. It took her awhile to trust again, but she began to settle in to her new home, then the unimaginable happened. 

July 3rd, she was in a fenced in back yard with their other dog, when neighbors started shooting fireworks. Both dogs were terrified and the larger dog pushed the gate open. The other dog ran up to the front porch but little Nena ran and never looked back. 

For months, Nena’s family searched for her, fearing the worst. Little did they know that this street smart girls survivals instincts would kick in. She navigated the dangerous streets of Jersey City, making her way almost two miles to an industrial port where she found food, water and shelter with a feral cat colony. 

Workers at the ports would spot her and toss food to her. It wasn’t until a woman named Kristen, who is the head of security for one of the businesses, saw a post on social media and contacted the owner to let her know that Nena was being spotted. 

Capture was made complicated by the countless feral cats that would swarm the food the moment it was put out. Nena held her ground with the cats and would bark at them to back off so she could get some of the food. 

As I was setting up for capture Nena would appear and watch from a distance. She smelled the food and would stand there trembling. I could tell she was ready to surrender, she looked defeated and exhausted. 

The enclosure was now set and I had the remote in my hand, we watched from my truck as she circled the enclosure, barked at the cats and eventually made her way in, ending her ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN days on the run. 

I held her in my arms as she melted into me and I told her she was safe. The gratitude and love in her eyes after all she had been through, I watched as the life returned to her.

I made the emotional call to the owner and through screams of joy told her we got her. She is infested with fleas and has a skin condition and is on her way to the vet.

Never give up… they are out there hoping to be found!

Welcome HOME Nena, may your heart heal and know that your dad was watching over you.


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