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Ruby, an eighteen month old dachshund slipped her collar as her new adopters were bringing her inside.

Her former foster family from New Jersey reached out to me for help, but I was unable to make the two hour trip to Kingston, NY. I told them I would walk them through step by step, over the phone. 

The family was ready and willing to do whatever was needed to bring Ruby to safety. 

For three days we were continuously on the phone going over sightings, trap and camera set up, placement and the plotting the next steps trying to get ahead of her. Just as Ruby was finding her rhythm and getting her bearings on the streets in an unfamiliar area, so were the Hempstead’s. They were beginning to think like Ruby and the sightings that were coming in, they were seeing a pattern develop and knew just where to place the trap.

Last night at 7:25 all the hard work paid off when little Ruby finally found the trap. “We got her!” 

The entire Hempstead family, Jackie, her husband, Kurt, their two daughters, along with their other dachshund, Bambi were a force of nature. In three short days, they received a crash course in lost dog behavior and the art of trapping and just how much work goes in to it. The mapping of sightings, travel, the sleeping in your car, the roller coaster ride of emotions that goes along with it.  Jackie said to me “now I can safely say I know you feel each time you successfully retrieve a dog for someone.” I am so proud of this family and their dedication and perseverance in bringing her to safety.

Sometimes all you need is a guiding voice on the other end of the phone and I was happy to be that voice to this amazing family. Ruby is now officially, Ruby Hempstead and is back in NJ. 

Thank you Audrey from Ulster County SPCA for lending us traps and being there when needed. 

Welcome HOME Ruby!


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