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Just in the nick of time before the snow ❄️ hits...MOMO missing in Morristown, NJ has been safely captured after twelve days on the run.

I began working the family on Monday and set up three separate feeding stations. 48 hours went by with no sightings. Finally, on Tuesday two back to back sightings came in. I immediately headed back out and set up a trap and spent all night in my car monitoring the trap from a family of raccoon, fox and a relentless cat but Momo was a no show.

From the sightings that were coming in his path of travel was quickly established. He was running a huge loop and crossing very dangerous roads. We left the trap set and monitored 24/7 and re-baited daily. I knew Momo would be back, it was just a matter of when and we would be ready for him when he made his appearance.

This afternoon one of my cameras went off at 1:23, it was Momo and minutes later he was already back up at the top of trail at my trap. I called Momo's mom and gave her a blow by blow as he circled the trap and finally went in for the food. "He's in ...we got him!!!" Momo's big adventure was finally over.

Welcome home Momo!! 

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