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The Jackson stray momma dog is safe!

Early Friday morning at 3am a woman named Carolyn Gee saw brake lights on the street in front of her home. Soon after she heard a dog howling in distress. The next morning, the dog was still roaming the area and clearly, recently had puppies. 

For the past two days she was running scared through the heavily wooded area and abutting properties. At one point she crossed Veterans Highway and was clipped by ambulance but kept running. 

Several people contacted me this morning and as soon as the snow let up, I made the two hour trek out to Jackson, NJ to bring her to safety. 

Shortly after arriving, I found out that for the past two days she had been hiding on a property nearby and taking shelter and sleeping in carport that stored landscaping equipment. So thankfully, I do not believe there are puppies out there in the woods like so many had feared. 

Tonight she is safe and warm and receiving lots of love and care.

Thank you to Carolyn Gee for posting the plea for help that got the ball rolling to bring her to safety. Darylynn Andexler, Melissa and to all who came and searched in case there were puppies out there. 

There is a special place in hell for those who dump defenseless animals but instead I would like to focus on the incredible outpouring  of love this sweet girl received from so many near and far. 

You’re safe now Momma!


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