Millville Stray/ Magic

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Millville Stray/ Stray from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery on Vimeo.

The Millville stray now known as Magic has been safely captured by BDRR after at least 22 days on the run that we know of.

Traps were set last weekend but well intentioned people searching through the woods pushed him out. Last night I was alerted to a post on Facebook, it was our boy, two miles from his last sighting. He had been hanging around a property and popping out of the woods when their dogs were outside in their yard but would quickly retreat when a person would appear.

I packed up my enclosure and made the three hour trip back down to Millville. Within four hours this gentle giant walked into my enclosure to safety.

He is magical to say the least and the most gentle of giants. I am in love with this sweet soul and will make sure if his family is not found that he finds the most amazing family that is deserving of him.

He is not microchipped and will be at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter for his stray hold and then hopefully to foster/ rescue.

Thank you to Jennifer Braun for allowing me to set up on your property and to Maria Stoerrle from the shelter for meeting me to open the doors. This boy has my heart. 



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