Mila (Seattle, WA)

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Mila missing in Seattle, Washington has been safely captured after fifteen days on the run!

Mila is a BDRR alum who went missing in NY back in October 2016. After moving out west with her owner, she spooked when her leash got wrapped around something and she was off and running yet again. In an instant a dog can and will go in to survival mode. Working with the owners day and night over the phone, we made sure to get the word out to neighbors not to chase her and just report sightings. Without being chased and pursued, Mila kept returning to the point of escape. We had some hurdles we had to cross as she was now trap savvy having previously been trapped. Time was of the essence as very large coyote were prevalent in that neighborhood and were not only showing up on camera but to our horror two were seen following Mila down the street. We worked to get Mila feeding within a fenced in yard and rigging the door to pull shut from a window. The plan was working smoothly, that is until someone decided to start feeding her in other locations knowing full well we already had her eating within an enclosed area and were ready for capture. After finally eliminating the other food sources and asking the person who was deliberately interfering to leave the area, we resumed our plan of capture within the fenced in yard. At 5:56 this morning Mila was safely captured and the family was able to go out and quickly leash her up. She's back in the loving arms of her family and is on lock down! Welcome home little Miss Mila you are one tough cookie.

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