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Safely captured after four days  running the power-lines and trails on the NY/ NJ border, between Ringwood, NJ and Sloatsburg, NY. 

To whom it may concern:

I want to let you know, he waited for you.

People stopped to help him but he wanted you. He wanted to go "home" to the only place he ever knew, so he waited and waited, but you never came back. 

You discarded him in the middle of nowhere in the scorching heat. He was tired, thirsty, hungry and scared but he still stayed loyal to you. He was a good boy.

The thing about dogs is their ability to forgive and live in the's their superpower. He may forgive you, but I don’t.

To all who have followed his rescue…

I’ve named him Meatball, because he’s a giant chunk of deliciousness.

His amazing caregivers are taking it slow with him and getting to know him, he deserves that time. We want to set him up for success. He is thriving and coming out of his shell, absorbing all the love he is receiving like a sponge. 

He is not available for adoption just yet, so I will not post where he is so they are not overwhelmed with requests. 

I will update when he is ready for adoption. We love you Meatball!!


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