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Holy mackerel....

Marty has been safely captured and reunited with his very worried family after three nights on the run in Rockaway, NJ.  

I received a frantic plea for help this weekend, Marty, an indoor cat had run out the door and was nowhere in sight. 

I headed up Saturday, set up a feeding station and had the little stinker on camera late that night. Sunday the trap was set and so began a battle royale with the resident raccoons. A second trap was set to catch the raccoons and temporarily keep them away from the trap. 

At 1:17 am when the raccoon ruckus had finally died down, Marty showed and walked right in my trap for the smorgasbord or mackerel and other goodies. He was very vocal about his trapping experience but very relieved to see his litter mate Nabby and his human brother Luc. Welcome home Marty!!

All raccoons were released and enjoyed a fishy feast after their brief time in captivity. 



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