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Marco missing 12 days in rural Ellenville, NY is safely reunited with his dad!!! His dad did an amazing job staying calm and laying on the ground for close to an hour waiting for Marco to come out of survival mode. Welcome back Marco!!

Posters that were hung yesterday led to the sightings we received today. Chris, Marco's dad went to the first sighting where Marco was in a field. Chris calmly sat and Marco stared at him but eventually trotted off back in to the woods. Marco was in survival mode and viewed everyone including his owner as a threat/ predator. About an hour later another sighting came in but Marco was full bore sprinting. He ran up a steep embankment but kept slipping, he was exhausted. I instructed Chris to get out of my car and slowly, calmly lay down on the ground and allow Marco time to approach on his terms. Chris sat there, calmly, softly speaking to Marco and tossing treats. After almost an hour, Marco slowly but surely made his way down the wooded embankment towards his dad. Once he smelled Chris, his body language shifted and he started wiggling with joy, he finally recognized his Dad and quickly jumped in to his lap and grabbled a treat. Survival mode is very real and many owners don't believe it unless they experience it firsthand. I am so thrilled that I was able to capture this moment on video so that others could see for themselves. Please never chase a lost or scared dog and remember posters generate sightings that lead to capture and happy reunions!!


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