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One down, one to go….Lulu escaped The Pet Camp in Middletown, NY with her sister Maggie. For five days there were sporadic sightings of them together, then  they separated. 

Lulu was seen running in farm fields, the railroad tracks and along side route 84. Very frightened and in survival mode she was bolting from her mom and dad. Lulu is the more skittish of the two and we knew trapping was necessary.

We were racing the storm to get her to safety. I figured out her cut through and the plan was to head her off with the trap. A trap was set up in a horse stable that gave shelter from the storm. 

Early this morning I heard sniffing on my camera and within minutes Lulu was at the trap and went right in. 

Maggie is still on the run. We have not had any sightings of her in two days. Please if you sight her, do not chase, call out to her or approach… just call us immediately. 


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