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Hank missing in Rye, NY is Safe!! 🐕 🎉

Just after arriving at his new foster home yesterday, Hank a very skittish former street dog was able to slip right out the car door. First instinct is to chase after a dog which sent him running.

Early this afternoon sightings started coming him, he was running frantic by a very dangerous road, darting in and out of the marsh. He eventually came out on an abutting property.

All the while on the phone with the foster, guiding him not to call out or chase. The property owner, Georgia was outside and we asked her to sit/ lay down calmly and see if he would approach. Hank was very drawn to Georgia and came within feet of her and eventually began eating out of her hand. Each time she would gently try to get a hold of his collar he would bolt away. She eventually got up and Hank followed her right into the house.

Georgia you have the magic touch and we can’t thank you enough for staying calm and working with us to bring this frightened boy to safety. Great job and welcome home Hank.



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