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 Elmo has been safely captured after eighteen days on the run!

Elmos's case was a challenge to say the least. He had bolted from his owner while leaving the Hamburg Vetrinary Clinic. People chasing him pushed him in to the woods. The area he was running in Hamburg, NJ was vast mountain trails, woods, woods and more woods.

In the eighteen days that Elmo was on the run, there were only four sightings, each one miles apart from the next. He was never staying in one place, most likely due to quads and the abundant wildlife that were ever present on the trails.

Our break came when Elmo made his way across route 23 last Saturday and began traveling the woods along the Wallkill River. Strategically placed feeding stations and cameras were set up along the span. After countless videos of fox, bear, skunks and raccoons, the elusive little Elmo made a very welcome appearance. He finally found one of the feeding stations.

Time was of the essence as I knew he would once again be on the move. Within an hour of him being on camera, at 10PM last night a trap was hiked in on the trail. Within twenty four hours, a hungry Elmo was back on camera making his way down the trail, right to the trap. Welcome home Elmo your unsupervised hiking days are over!!!


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