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Chicken soup for the soul!

Yesterday I was contacted about a stray dog roaming the vast 125 acres of the Malvern Retreat in Malvern, Pa. since Wednesday. 

This dog was curled up in a ball, in a flower bed, wet, dirty and shaking. The concerned resident, put warm chicken soup out for her to warm her up and a blanket for her to sleep. She drank it up, rested and then left. 

Once I was contacted, I instructed her to leave more food out in the hopes that she would return. Not only did she come back but she slept in the warmth of the blanket for most of the day. 

At 9:50 tonight she finally got up from a long rest and made her way right to my trap. Within moments she was in and finally safe. 

Once captured, we were beyond thrilled to find a tag on her collar with her name, ELLA and the contact info for her rescue. I immediately contacted the number and after they got over the initial shock, there were lots of happy tears and cries of joy. 

Turns out Ella has been missing from Bryn Mawr since January 7th and has travelled over twelve miles from where she went missing. MatchDog Rescue is now reunited with their sweet Ella!!! 

What a happy ending!!! 


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