East Fishkill Shepherd

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Since June/ July this shepherd has been being sighted running in East Fishkill , NY.  

She was running the mountain and the woods that back up to East Hook Cross Rd and the Appalachian trail. 

Last week my friend Erica had sent me a screen shot of a post regarding the shepherd. Just as I was looking at the mapping, a local resident named Catherine messaged me saying her husband had just spotted the same dog in the road on his way home from work. Another message came in with sightings miles from the last. I knew I had to help this dog, even though it was two hours away.

A plan was set in place with the goal of getting her to settle and return to an area within the vast woods and trails that she was traveling. With the help of Catherine and her husband Richard, a feeding station was set up, food was placed on a quad trail that we thought she was running. Bingo!! She found our food and now it was just a matter of time before I brought her to safety. 

Yesterday evening I made the two hour drive to Fishkill with a quick stop in Blooming Grove to trap another little lost soul on the way.  

There were so many woods there wasn’t an address just coordinates on a map. I hiked the trap up the hill into the woods on the trail and loaded it up with fresh hot rotisserie chicken and hot dogs. I trailed liquid smoke up the mountain and back down to the road.  There was no way she would pass by in any direction without smelling that!!!

As I was coming off the trail a man stopped his car to ask if I was ok and I explained about the dog and our mission. He stated his son hunted on the mountain and had seen the dog on his trail cameras deep in those woods. 

Darkness fell and I waited.  A little after 10pm my camera went off… it was her, she was coming down the mountain on the trail and was behind my trap. Within moments she was in without so much as a flinch. She was hungry and more importantly… she was finally safe!!!

I called Catherine and Richard with the good news and they came right over to help me carry the trap with her in it down off the trail and load her into my truck. 

Thank you to Sam at Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary for opening your doors late last night and welcoming her in. She was so relieved and knew she was now with good people, she was jumping on us, happily taking treats and sneaking me a few thank you kisses in between all the excitement. For the first time in months she was able to rest in a cozy bed with a full belly. 

We may never know her story or where she came from, sadly so many dogs are being dumped right now. If you have any information please contact me or HVARS.

Thank you to Catherine and Richard Wetzelberger for all your help… our girl is safe!!!





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