Alex Captured Again Lebanon, NJ

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Alex missing in Califon, NJ has been safely captured!!

Ten days ago, I received that call and heard those words that no trapper ever wants to hear…”he’s on the run again!!” His foster family had taken him hiking off leash and he bolted. My heart dropped and I immediately headed out the door. Less than a month prior, Alex was safely captured after five months on the run in Queens, after going missing from his former owner. He is street smart and now trap savvy and in an environment where he can move far and fast. Add to this, people are now quarantined and not out and about. The properties and landscape would provide deep cover and many places for him to run and hide without being sighted.

The dogs I trap are not just lost dogs to me, I build a deep emotional connection with them and I work the cases as if it were my own baby out there on the run.  Hundreds of posters were hung, several false leads, but we left no stone unturned.

We got him on camera at a feeding station within fourty eight hours of being missing, just in time for a huge rain and wind storm to roll in. In the pouring rain my enclosure was set up and we stayed in our car overnight waiting for him to return but he was a no-show. Alex once again disappeared. We expanded our poster coverage and continued to bait our feedings stations in the hopes that he would circle back for the food.

Three days later we got a call that he was going through garbage that was left out but thankfully he was now back close to the area we needed him to be. The enclosure was now set for capture and we were ready for him. We figured out the horse trails he was traveling and knew that he would eventually return. It was now a waiting game, we spent four nights sleeping in our cars monitoring the enclosure and deterring wildlife.This morning at 6AM Alex finally came out of the woods and walked right in to the enclosure to safety.

Alex’s story is a cautionary tale that happens all too often. Just because you think they seem comfortable in their new home and are bonding with you, please do not think for one moment that a high flight risk dog will not run again. It takes just one moment, one opportunity and they are gone. Alex was lucky that he had an amazing team working around the clock to bring him home. We are beyond grateful for this happy ending and homecoming!! Welcome home Alex!!!

Thank you to all who helped hang posters and held Alex in their hearts. A huge thank you to the residents of Sawmill Road who allowed us to take over their properties, especially during this time period. Thank you, thank you!!


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