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Breaking News...Sylvester has been captured in Fairfield, CT after SEVEN MONTHS on the run!!!

Sylvester was newly adopted on April 24th when he escaped his new home in Westport, CT and then struck by a car. A tracker with dogs came out numerous times and told the new owners that the dog was still in Westport, the tracker was wrong!

I received a call in November from a Fairfield resident asking if I knew of any small black lab mix missing. I remembered Sylvester's case and looked up the contact information. The rescue confirmed that Sylvester was still missing. I immediately put up posters in the area where he had been sighted and went door to door asking if anyone had seen him. Low and behold, a man living in the neighborhood confirmed that he had been feeding Sylvester in his yard everyday since May. Sylvester lived in the woods across from the mans house and would come in through an open gate to his yard everyday to eat from the bowls of food the man would leave out for wildlife. 

I immediately set a plan for capture. The property was fenced in but many areas needed to be repaired and blocked so Sylvester could not escape once gate was closed. We rigged a line from the open gate to the mans front porch. After three days, the line was pulled and Sylvester was trapped in the fenced in yard. Once captured in the fenced in yard came the tedious task of securing Sylvester who would not allow anyone near him, he was completely feral at this point and terrified. After three hours, I was able to successfully snare him using a snappy snare.

He has since been adopted by the man who fed for all those months.

This was yet another case where tracking dogs were wrong, Sylvester was in Fairfield the entire time he was missing! 

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