71 days on the run, Roxie from Orange, CT is safely trapped!

After 65 days of failed attempts by other people claiming to be recovery "experts" BDRR got involved, it took us only 6 days to capture Roxie. Roxie's rescue is another rescue that was prolonged because of tracking dogs pushing her out the area and improper placement, set up and monitoring of trap. This tracker went so far as to claim that his dog could identify and differentiate poop in the woods as Roxie's and a pile of fish that he claimed she had vomited... absolutely RIDICULOUS!

We can not stress enough that once a dog is sighted, do not go out searching, do not post sighting locations on Facebook and do NOT bring in tracking dogs!! Please, do your research when it comes to hiring recovery specialists, anyone can claim to be an expert. Roxie did not have to be out there for 71 days.