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Caleb has been safely trapped after a terrifying twelve days on the run through Guilford and Madison, CT. With an injured leg, after being hit by a car, he ran two and a half miles to Madison. Once we located him and were in the process of trapping him, he was chased onto interstate 95 and then disappeared. After three agonizing days of worry, we finally received a call that Caleb was now 4 miles away from the last known location and sleeping in someone's garage, he was sneaking in through the small space left open for their cats. Thankfully, the home owners sister saw his poster on Facebook. We continued to work around the clock to get him safely trapped, after several nights of coming close, but not going in the trap, I set up the large enclosure which did the trick. Anytime you see a dog that you suspect is a lost dog, please contact animal control! Thank you to all who shared and cared. Welcome home Caleb, you have lots of Christmas presents to open!!


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