Molly Jo

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Molly Jo missing from Wyckoff, NJ since August 2015 has been safely captured in Glen Rock, NJ after EIGHT MONTHS!

Molly Jo and her family were visiting from Georgia last August when she jumped out of the car window. Over the course of eight months she travelled over five miles to Glen Rock, NJ.

In January she was spotted in a yard in Glen Rock, eating cat food that was being left out for the home owners lost cat. The homeowner, Debra saw the dog again in March. The dogs chain collar was wrapped around her chest and under her leg, clearly this dog needed help so she posted her on Facebook. It was this post got the ball rolling for Molly Jo’s capture.

Looking very similar to another lost dog in the area named Honey, a woman from Honeys rescue went and set a trap and camera. She was seen on camera only once and did not return again until after the trap was removed, two weeks later. I was then contacted and immediately headed over to begin the capture process. 

I was faced with numerous obstacles as Molly Jo was a feral dog from down south that had been captured not once but twice before!! She was not showing up consistently which made it a waiting game. I was also battling a myriad of critters that were eating at the property...cats, neighbors dog, possums, skunks, raccoons and coyote and they all found their way to my enclosure.

In the process, I was able to capture the homeowners cat, Oliver who had been missing for 6 months. Once the enclosure was set up, Molly Jo did not show up for five days, but when she finally did, food was there waiting for her. I then rigged the enclosure for capture the next night but once again she was a no show. I also had to to be very careful that the other critters did not set it off, if Molly Jo saw it go off prematurely, it could be disastrous. I set up a remote voice fed monitor so I could scare the other critters away without having to physically go over and disturb the area, it worked like a charm! Tonight, Molly Jo showed up again and her eight month journey on the run came to an end with the pull of the bone.

Molly Jo is now at the animal hospital, it is the worst embedded collar case that they have ever seen. She will remain at the vet until her loving family, (who never gave up hope) arrive from Georgia. What a reunion this will be. Thank you Debra and Ken Walker for reaching out when you saw a dog that clearly needed help and for letting me take over your back yard, you guys are amazing! Always remember... if you see something, say something!!!


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