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Zuri, a very timid Savannah cat escaped early Thursday morning from his home in a very vast wooded area of Hardwick, NJ. 

Our wonderful, local aco, Scott Hendricks referred the family to me and I was happy to help. I immediately headed over as they only lived five minutes away from me. A trap was set up along with items of familiar scent, blankets and dirty clothes from their hamper. Cameras were placed throughout the property and doors to a barn/garage were left open.

It can be easy for your mind to take you to negative thoughts and think the worst can happen but I constantly reassured the family that it can take time. Indoor only cats usually will stay close and can hide for long periods of time without coming out. They are resilient, especially a Savannah cat! 

After five days of playing hide and seek and probably a hungry belly, he decided to come home. My cameras captured his travel path and the last video was of him, he was headed towards the barn. I called the family and told them, I think he's in the barn and to quietly go out and close the barn doors. Kathleen, Zuri's mom and her son ran out of the house and got all the doors closed. Sure enough, he was inside and hissing at them. Once the moment of recognition hit, he finally allowed Kathleen to scoop him up like a big ole baby. 

I am so happy for the Hurta family, you were so wonderful to work with. As a bonus, not only did I get to meet some of my neighbors but now I also get to call them friends. 

Welcome HOME Zuri, you were missed!!



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