Wiley Captured Again!

Our beloved marshmallow Wiley who was lost in Saddle Brook, NJ after running off and being struck by a car was safely captured yesterday after 6 harrowing days.

Having trapped Wiley only six months ago after he was on the run for over eighteen months, I knew this boy well. Strategically placed feeding stations were set up in areas where I believed to be the highest probability of him going to. We had zero sightings and were very worried he was injured or worse. In the early morning hours on Sunday, Wiley found my feeding station deep in the woods. A trap was quickly set but having been trapped before he knew exactly what it was and wasn't going to make it easy for me nor was the abundant wildlife who was also sharing the food source. I tied the trap open so that I could condition him to go in and so the other critters wouldn't set it off. Wiley's hungry belly finally won and he finally stepped in and took the bait. The trap was set early morning Tues and by Wed evening he was safely captured.

Flight risk is to be taken seriously!!! When we stress the importance of using martingale collars and not letting flight risk dogs off leash etc etc...we don't just say it because we like to hear ourselves speak, we say it because we mean it with every fiber of our being to keep these babies safe!!! People become complacent and think the dog will not run off...WRONG! It takes one spilt second, a loud noise, another dog, a deer, etc. One split second between possible life and death for these dogs. Wiley is now at the vet receiving much needed medical care and hopefully this is a wake up call to anyone else who adopts a flight risk dog. Please be vigilant and keep them safe!!