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Trucks had just arrived at his new home when he got spooked and pulled away from his new family member.

Dragging his leash, he was running through fields, woods and properties along the dangerous Salt Point Turnpike and crossing it many times.
He examined and circled the trap on and off all day and night….he wanted that food so bad!!

I had just told Trucks mom earlier in the day that my bewitching hour for trapping was around 2am. Trucks did not disappoint, he made his appearance again at 2:13 and for about a half hour he circled the trap, patrolled the property making sure the coast was clear. Step in, step out, step in, step out… each time going a little further and further in. At times he would get so frustrated and just sit down in front of the trap, you could see he was thinking and plotting his next move. Finally he had enough and decided he was going for it, I held my breath and waited for that door to close behind him. GOTCHA!!
Trucks capture was definitely a nail biter. Three days on the run in Salt Point, NY this sweet boy is finally H💙ME!!

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